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JMP earthquake relief donations
With the May 12 Sichuan Wenchuan areas suffering huge earthquake reported in the broadcast, all employees of the company has been closely knit to compatriots, and the disaster has affects every person''s heart. A difficult one, P Plus support.
Employees in Jinshi companies hope that they can extend their love, warm and caring to the people in disaster areas, and give their efforts to compatriots in Sichuan’s recycling beautiful homes.
May 15, when the presidents of JMP, Yin Shun personally contribute 10,000 RMB Yuan, followed voluntary staff dedicated their love to disaster areas. Only a short period of one day, Jinshi companies have raised 40200 RMB Yuan. Now it is sent to the Jinhu County Red Cross.
The party''s condensates love. From the 21st, the majority of party members in JMP once again actively take actions to respond positively to the Central Organization Department issued on the 18th on the part of party members to pay "special fees" to support earthquake relief work of the notice. And they carry forward the Chinese fine tradition "one side is difficult, P Plus support” and the spirit of patriotism "share trouble for the country ", voluntary pay "special fees" to support earthquake relief to the people of disaster areas and stretch a helping hand. The total paid “Special fees" reached 13700 RMB Yuan.
Through this donation, the company expressed their blessing to the people in disaster areas, and meets this challenge with the people in disaster areas collectively; as they disperse the haze, brought a beam of sunlight, fully demonstrate the spirit of all staffs in JMP.
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