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Underwater Christmas tree
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Underwater Christmas tree

•  In 2010, Jmp and Argus launch the first new AZ-10 center hole underwater Christmas tree in China''s market, which is the world''s only underwater vertical concentric structure Christmas tree. The design advantages and features of   the vertical Christmas tree lead the underwater vertical Christmas tree for future design trends.

•  The launch of AZ-10 underwater Christmas tree make JMP to become the world''s one of the few which is able to produce and install underwater Christmas tree companies.
•  The fundamental design principle of AZ-10 underwater Christmas tree lies in simplicity and reliability, it can be installed on most small wellhead, and consist of simple Christmas tree to the tubing hanger interface. The innovative locking hanger sealing system is based on the well-established and well-proven industrial technology. In fact, the design of AZ-10 underwater center-style Christmas tree helps to eliminate interface problems on all aspects. it is equipped with tubing hanger system which compatible with any of the BOP group, and without conversion devices or expensive tubing spool. It greatly reduces the labor use and third-party service, thus save the installation costs.
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